Johan Máhtte Skum

JMS_litauen1Johan Máhtte Skum is a yoiker, singer and organist from Kautokeino, Norway. He is educated as church musician at the University of Tromsø. He has participated in the Sámi Grand Prix twice (2003 and 2006) and also taken part in three recordings in addition to SGP (Nuorra juoigit – 2003, Sálmmat Sámis – 2005 and Lægedrik – 2010).

Since 2009 he has repeatedly appeared as a yoiker and a singer with musicians in the county of Nordland. In addition, he is an active freelancer in Norway and in Europe, with performances in Russia, Lithuania and Germany.

Johan Máhtte is working to combine traditional sami yoik and singing with other genres, giving it a modern touch. The latest project «Cello and yoik» is together with Sanna Andersson, with who he founded the group Namahis Duo. A unique concept where the best of two worlds meet and make music together.
Namahis Duo was invited to play in the cultural evening in Vilnius on july 5th 2013.